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If Uncle Albert did the Monmouth Raft Race... It Would've Gone Like This...

19 strong over two rafts, the New Inn Junior football coaches, along with friends and family, looked set to put on a good show. But just like Uncle Albert, who knackered 3 frigates, 2 destroyers and a gravy boat, it wasn't meant to be.

An early capsize for boat 142 meant the secretary's alcoholic refreshments were lost to the Wye along with their steady buoyancy, meaning their listing to starboard could only be corrected with 7 team members paddling on the port side to stay afloat.

And what of boat 143... Well after 4 hours and 60+ beers whilst meandering around the Wye, the hapless crew appeared on the horizon... Today last and 3 sheets to the wind 😂 even the MC had packed up by this point.

Awesome day had by all... some more than others by all accounts but well done to both crews.

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